Why Engage a Structural Engineer?

Clients can look to MTW’s Structural Engineers to add value to projects at every stage – concept, outline and detailed design, construction, operation and demolition – through their ability to provide appropriate solutions.  At MTW, our Chartered Structural Engineers have particular knowledge within the construction team of design and procurement processes.  They are also able to give strong leadership and input to the form, material, texture and excitement of the client’s project, contributing to the achievement of the client’s aspirations – “turning ideas into reality”.

Each professional team member at MTW makes a unique contribution to the success of a project.  Good, imaginative structural engineering will deliver a project that works well at all stages of its life; importantly, the final structure will do what it was intended to do.  Experience shows that the appointment of experienced professionals from MTW at the outset of a project will deliver long-term value.  Experience also shows that cheap engineering input can lead to expensive outcomes and good professional services cannot be procured on a sustainable basis where insufficient resource is provided by the client.  There is a basic level of costs within a practice which have to be recovered in the fee arrangement, otherwise it is no longer possible to provide a service in the interests of the client nor to protect the public safety.

MTW’s Structural Engineers work on a wide range of new-build projects, and advise on the repair of damaged structures, the extension of existing structures, and the restoration and renovation of historic buildings.  Their responsibility includes the critical issues of robustness, safety, serviceability, buildability and economy, and relate to the design and detailing of each individual structural element.  They furnish the contractor with the necessary data to build the structure safely.

The client should be satisfied that the services to be provided by the Structural Engineer from MTW will interface with other professional services so as to deliver an easy to construct, holistic, cost-effective solution during design and construction.  The client will recognise that, if services are “cherry-picked” there is a danger that this objective will not be achieved, which could be severely detrimental in terms of cost, quality and out-turn of the project.

The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland advises that clients should check that their Structural Engineer carries Professional Indemnity Insurance and other insurance cover that is appropriate to the scope of their commission.

Civil and Structural Engineers Dublin MTW services


  • Project Planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site investigation
  • Flood Analysis
  • Preliminary Design
  • Scheme Design
  • Site Stability Analysis
  • Ground Improvement
  • Foundation Design
  • Retaining Walls
  • Piling Layouts
  • Drainage and Roads

  • Structural Design
  • Structural Detailing
  • Waterproof basements
  • Site works inspection
  • Certification
  • Health & Safety
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Expert witness
  • Special investigations
  • Forensic services